Where Do I Go? (work in progress)
لوين روح

Where Do I Go?
لوين روح

Project Statement

Work in Progress

“Where Do I Go?” is a natural and organic progression of my project SHE that has just been published into a book by Radius.

However, the past 2 years have been extremely difficult in Lebanon, starting with the 2019 uprising protesting corruption and inflation, to the coronavirus and months of lockdown that proved disastrous for the country, and finally to the August 4, 2020 Port of Beirut explosions, that caused further catastrophic damage. The country has been spiraling into the abyss since, with shortages of cash, gas, electricity, medicine, and water. My focus shifted to Lebanon.

During recent trips to Lebanon, I found hope and inspiration through the younger generation of women. Instead of focusing on destruction, I found myself in awe of them, their creativity, strength, beauty, and resilience, despite all. I felt a sense of urgency in collaborating with them, giving them a voice, and the opportunity and power to express themselves.

I found myself focusing on their majestic presence. Every encounter was intense, urgent, and meaningful. The need to hold on to creativity and self-expression felt more important than ever. We were creating the stage together to tell the story – her individual story and our collective story.

I saw graffiti on the wall that said in Arabic: “Where do I go” (lawen ruh)? These women are at that crossroad. Where do they go? I was their age when I left Lebanon in 1984 during the Civil War. Some are leaving; others cannot afford to go anywhere. I want to empower them and tell their story.

This work is in progress. Looking at the images I have made so far, I am absolutely convinced that, despite the current very tough situation, the creativity and resilience of this young generation of women will prevail.

This project is for them and for us: the ones who are staying and the ones who have left.