The Most Beautiful Things Slate Published in 2015

By Lisa Larson-Walker

The most inspiring and surprising images you’ll see this week

By Char Jansen
Viewfinder, The Daily Telegraph

Becoming: Girls, Women and Coming of Age

Exhibition Review by Robert Mickelson
The National, UAE


By Alexander Strecker

Little women: photographing tweens from Boston to Beirut

By Paula Cocozza
The Guardian

Rania Matar: Christilla

By Muriel Rozelier
Persoculture, Le Commerce du Levant

Carnegie Museum exhibit shows power of day-to-day living in Arab countries

By Kurt Shaw
The Tribune, Pittsburgh

Womanly Transitions: The Photography of Rania Matar

By Victoria Khroundina
SheRa Magazine

Feminine Mystique

Photographer Rania Matar: Telling Women’s Stories

Interview for Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship Awards 40th Anniversary

Art notes: Women photographers depict the Middle East

By Mary Thomas
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Constructing Identities: Stories We Thought We Knew

By Kristen Gresh
Carnegie Museum of Art Blog

Why can’t great artists be mothers?

By Jacoba Urist
Women In The World, New York Times

Invisible Children by Rania Matar

Anchor Magazine
Issue #3, Spring-Summer 2015

Girl Power

Text by Manuela Mimosa Ravasio
Gioia Magazine

Beautifully Awkward

Essay by Heather Sullivan
Nobles Magazine
Winter/Spring 2015