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Winter 2023

Sukoon – Arab-Themed Art & Literature

Sukoon Magazine
Winter 2023

This Photographer’s Story of Palestine Needs to be Heard

By Feroz Khan
The Phoblographer

Intervista a Rania Matar: delicati ritratti di forza e speranza

By Rebecca Delmenico

Paris Photo: un bilan en 12 transactions

Le Quotidien de l'Art

What’s New at Paris Photo 2023

By Loring Knoblauch
Collector Daily

Les 17 plus beaux lieux abandonnés vus à Paris Photo

By Annabelle Dufraigne
AD Magazine

Portraits de femmes à Paris Photo: la sélection du «Temps»

By Nora Teylouni, Héloïse Schwab
Le Temps

Paris Photo 2023: 5 Artists To Know

Aesthetica Magazine

Poetic Representation of Femininity

Fotosfer Magazine

30 Most Influential Female Photographers of All Time

By Diana K
Discover Walks

Preise | Wettbewerbe | Stipendien


Entre Les Zones, Entres Les Âges

ZO Magazine

Huntsville Museum of Art : Rania Matar : SHE

L'Oeil de la Photographie

Rania Matar, Fifty Years Later


Libanon kann man nicht zerstören

By Werner Bloch
Neue Zurcher Zeitung

A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

By Shoshana Walker
NYT Magazine

Rania Matar

Fine Art Photo

An Interview with Rania Matar

By David Knoble

I focused on the chance to survive. She was very small but real.

Interview by Heike Le Ker, Photos by Rania Matar
Spiegel Health

Where Do I Go?

Solstice Magazine
Spring 2023

Oceans At My Door

By Suzanne Révy
What Will You Remember?

Fitchburg Art Museum : Rania Matar : Oceans at My Door

L'Oeil de la Photographie

Her Voice, Her Power, des voix de femmes qui portent

Zalfa Kamar
L'Orient Le Jour

Community and validation: Leica Women Foto awardees on their career-changing wins

by Philippa Kelly
British Journal of Photography