The Middle East Through Women’s Eyes

By Vanessa H. Larson
Washington Post

Can You See Me? Review

By Elin Spring
What Will You Remember?

An Instant Out of Time: Shaping a Collection | Hood Museum of Art

By Lauren Levesque
Musée Magazine

Diario di una Coltivatrice

Harper's Bazaar Italia, The Love Issue

Rose Among the Thorns

By Cate McQuaid
Ocean in a drop

Visualising Today: The Photography Show

Aesthetica Magazine

Hadara Talks with Rania Matar

Hadara Magazine

Rania Matar «50 Years Later – Where Do I Go ?»

By Francisco González Fernández
ADF Photo

A Shooting in Vermont

By Rozina Ali
NYT Magazine

A Photographer of Startling Power

By Jonathan Hiskes
Reformed Journal

The National Museum of Women in the Arts Revels in Its Renovation

By Patricia Corrigan
Next Avenue

AURUM – The Coffee Table MagBook

Winter 2023

Sukoon – Arab-Themed Art & Literature

Sukoon Magazine
Winter 2023

This Photographer’s Story of Palestine Needs to be Heard

By Feroz Khan
The Phoblographer

Intervista a Rania Matar: delicati ritratti di forza e speranza

By Rebecca Delmenico

Paris Photo: un bilan en 12 transactions

Le Quotidien de l'Art

What’s New at Paris Photo 2023

By Loring Knoblauch
Collector Daily

Les 17 plus beaux lieux abandonnés vus à Paris Photo

By Annabelle Dufraigne
AD Magazine

Portraits de femmes à Paris Photo: la sélection du «Temps»

By Nora Teylouni, Héloïse Schwab
Le Temps

Paris Photo 2023: 5 Artists To Know

Aesthetica Magazine

Poetic Representation of Femininity

Fotosfer Magazine

30 Most Influential Female Photographers of All Time

By Diana K
Discover Walks

Preise | Wettbewerbe | Stipendien


Entre Les Zones, Entres Les Âges

ZO Magazine

Huntsville Museum of Art : Rania Matar : SHE

L'Oeil de la Photographie

Rania Matar, Fifty Years Later


Libanon kann man nicht zerstören

By Werner Bloch
Neue Zurcher Zeitung

A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

By Shoshana Walker
NYT Magazine

Rania Matar

Fine Art Photo

An Interview with Rania Matar

By David Knoble

I focused on the chance to survive. She was very small but real.

Interview by Heike Le Ker, Photos by Rania Matar
Spiegel Health

Where Do I Go?

Solstice Magazine
Spring 2023

Oceans At My Door

By Suzanne Révy
What Will You Remember?

Fitchburg Art Museum : Rania Matar : Oceans at My Door

L'Oeil de la Photographie

Her Voice, Her Power, des voix de femmes qui portent

Zalfa Kamar
L'Orient Le Jour

Community and validation: Leica Women Foto awardees on their career-changing wins

by Philippa Kelly
British Journal of Photography

La Revanche Des Femmes Libanaises

By Muriel Rozelier
Le Figaro

Family Moments


Photo Books to Love: 3 Powerful Portrait Collections

By Jim Cornfield

Rania Matar Photographs the Beauty in the Mundane

By Janna Soueidan
GQ Middle East

Trois femmes photographes: trois regards

By Nayla Tamraz
ICI Beyrouth

La force des couleurs, la puissance des images

By Danny Mallat
L'Orient-Le Jour

Rania Matar: Where Do I Go?

Interview by Katrin Iwanczuk
Leica Fotografie International

The Photography Show Presented by AIPAD

By Miss Rosen

The National Portrait Gallery Presents The Outwin 2022: American Portraiture Today

By National Portrait Gallery

Winners of the third annual Leica Women Foto Project Award

By Kenneth Dickerman
The Washington Post

Wonder Women: Female artists

By Ally Abruscato
District - SCAD

Rania Matar: Tracing a Universal Womanhood

By Jill Waterman

Studio Visit: Rania Matar

By Emily Avery-Miller
Art New England
March/April Issue

Leica Women Foto Project Announces its Powerful 2022 Winners

By Dunja Djudjic
DIY Photography

Leica Announces its Women Foto Project Award Winners

By Anete Lusina

It’s Important to Shatter Boundaries

Interview by Graeme Greene
Topia Magazine


By Linda Alterwitz

Rania Matar speaks through pictures again with her new book

By Harshad Jadhav
Harshad Jadhav (blog)

Rania Matar

By Shachar May
AWARE Women Artists

Female Visions: Young women of hope and strength

Artdoc Photography Magazine, Issue 6

Rania Matar’s Intimate Portraits of Girls On the Cusp of Womanhood

By Miss Rosen
Blind Magazine

Our Favorite Photobooks of 2021!

By Elin Spring and Suzanne Révy
What Will You Remember?


By Elin Spring
What Will You Remember?

Panoramas and Personas: Setting and Subject in Rania Matar’s Photographic Works

By Hannah Walker
Beyond Boudaries Journal
Department of Art & Art History, University of Texas at San Antonio

She – Rania Matar

By Angie Rizzo
Aesthetica Magazine

Review: Rania Matar: SHE at Obscura Gallery

By Kathryne Lim
Southwest Contemporary

Communing in Isolation: Rania Matar’s Window Portraits

By Shuchi Saraswat
Boston Art Review

Best Photo Picks October 2021

by Elin Spring and Suzanne Révy
What Will You Remember?

Gallery Prize – Best Photograph

Gallery Magazine Lebanon

Mamma Mia!

By Barbara Remmerbach
Brigritte MOM, Germany
(switch to 'Two Page View' for better display)

Radius Books: Rania Matar: SHE

L'Oeil de la Photographie

Women Crush Wednesday: Rania Matar

By Ariella Cohen
Musee Magazine

Great women in art history make a comeback: the New Woman at the Met and Aware in Paris

Podcast: Helen Stoilas interviews Orin Zahra
The Art Newspaper


By Leila Antakly
Ninu Nina

Recent Acquisitions: Rania Matar

Orin Zahra
Women in the Arts
Summer 2021


Edited by Hashim Sarkis and Ala Tannir
Venice Biennale

Growth Amidst Decay, or the Loss of Innocence?

Photo Pick
Gallery Lebanon

Reflective glances at a society separated by virus and glass

By Matthew J. Palm
Orlando Sentinel

2021 MassArt Auction

MassArt, Boston MA

10 Must-See Shows from Middle Eastern Galleries You Can View

By Lizzy Vartanian Collier

Barriers and Connections

By Julia Tilford
Orlando Arts Magazine
March/April 2021 Issue

On Either Side of the Window: Portraits During COVID-19

By Rania Matar
The Pandemic Lens

15 Works We Want from Intersect 21

By Paul Laster
Whitehot Magazine

Intersect 21: Programming


A Year Like No Other – Looking Back at 2020

By George Pendle
CANVAS Magazine

Rania Matar’s Intimate Portraits of Social Isolation

By Miss Rosen
Blind Magazine

The New Dawn Blooms

By Elin Spring and Suzanne Revy
What Will You Remember

Rania Matar – On Either Side of the Window, Portraits During COVID-19

Cornell Fine Arts Museum Exhibition Catalogue

I’m Yours


On Either Side of the Window, portraits during Covid-19

By Emiy Gosling
Creative Boom

Photographer Rania Matar offers a window on the world during quarantine

By Harriet Lloyd-Smith
Wallpaper Magazine

Special Issue – Covid-19

Korean Photo Magazine

Cuando La Distancia Nos Acerca

By Mariana Musi
Capitel Magazine, Mexico
January 2021

Q&A: ‘Isolation and confinement offered me the gift of time’

By Melis Alemdar
TRT World

Female Artists of BAB 2020: Meet Photographer Rania Matar

By Bruce Scott

Le Liban n’a pas d’age

Bernard Chauveau Edition

14 Cool Art Highlights in Bangkok Art Biennale 2020

By Anya Wan
La Vie en Road

A Yellow Rose Project

By Frances Jakubek
Don't Take Pictures

What On Earth Is Going On? Art In The Pandemic

By George Pendle
CANVAS Magazine
Nov-Dec 2020

Ideas of Womanhood

By Donatella Montrone
B+W Photography, UK, Issue 245

Mother and Daughter

By Barbara Remmerbach
Brigitte Woman Magazine

Los Angeles shows its love for Beirut with online charity art auction

By Aimee Dawson
The Art Newspaper

Rania Matar

Interview by Nour Saleh
Art Breath

Le secteur culturel et les artistes au chevet de la ville

By Maya Ghandour Hert, Colette Khalaf, and Gilles Khoury
L'Orient-Le Jour

Rania Matar’s Portraiture of Resiliency and Promise

By Robin Hauck

Rania Matar

Interview by Michael Kirchoff
Catalyst Interviews

Photographer Rania Matar, “The Age of Innocence,” and more

Open Studio with Jared Bowen

Rania Matar : On Either Side of the Window

L'Oeil de la Photographie

FOCUS ON: Rania Matar

By Jean Dykstra
Photograph Magazine

AT THE MUSEUM: What happens to creativity in quarantine?

By Merrill Allen
Newport News

Where Does the Art World Go From Here?

By Nancy Nesvet
May/June 2020

Women’s History Month: Rania Matar

By Lamia Baladi
Musee Magazine

Expo Rania Matar

Review by Muriel Rozelier
Commerce du Liban
February 2020

Photography of Rania Matar

AUB President's Perspective

Sur les chemins intimes de la femme

Review by Edgar Davidian
L'Orient-Le Jour

Capturing Women’s Quiet Courage

Interview with Maghie Ghali
The Daily Star, Lebanon

Capturing Femininity

The Daily Star, Lebanon

Rania Matar : An Image and Her Woman

L'Oeil de la Photographie

Angling for the Truth

By Chris Bergeron
Metro West Daily News

Kid-centered photo show is anything but cute at Minneapolis Institute of Art

By Alicia Eler
Minneapolis Star Tribune

‘Just Kids’ – New photo exhibit at Minneapolis Institute of Art focuses on kids

By Kathy Berdan
Twin Cities Pioneer Press

Highlights from Ithra’s ‘Mara’ina’ exhibition

By Rebecca Anne Proctor

Mara’ina Exhibition at Ithra

The Design Souk

Exhibition Reviews

Aesthetica Magazine

Zwischen Liebe und Abgrenzung

By Constanze Kindel
GEO Kompakt

Reclaiming the Sacred Space of the Divine Feminine in Nature

By Miss Rosen

Lebanese-American Photographer Documents Shared Experiences of Girlhood

Interview by Josie Taris & Frank Stasio
WUNC Public Radio

Landscape Photography Through the Female Gaze

By Katie Booth

A Celebration of Women, by Women

PDN Photo of the Day

Do Women’s Bodies Share a Special Relationship with Nature?

By Charlotte Janson
Elephant Magazine

Live Dangerously

By Orin Zahra
National Museum of Women in the Arts Magazine

Preview of Living Dangerously

By Laurence Butet-Roch
British Journal of Photograph
September Issue

Tools of the Trade: Survey of AIPAD’s Fine Art Photography Audience

By Jill Waterman
EXPLORA - B&H Photo Video

Rania Matar: La bellezza del divenire

By Manuela De Leonardis
Il Fotografo

The 5 Female Arab Artists that We Fell in Love With

By Ricky Aggarwal

Woman Crush Wednesday: Rania Matar

Interview by Nelly Latypova
Musee Magazine

CUSP: At the Edge of Girlhood

Girl Museum

Documenting Womanhood

By Cedric Van Turtelboom
Marie Claire China

Female Photographers at the 2019 AIPAD Photography Show, Part 1 of 2

By Loring Knoblauch
Collector Daily

Here’s what caught our eye at the AIPAD Photography show

By Jeanette D. Moses
Popular Photography

The Photography Show at Pier 94 offers something for everyone

By Cory Oldweiler
AM New York

Five Contemporary Portraits to See at AIPAD 2019

By Kat Kiernan
Don't Take Pictures

Photos of Middle East, USA girls featured in exhibit

By Isaura Daniel

Rania Matar: She

L'Oeil de la Photographie

Age of Becoming

Review of SHE at Robert Klein, By Elin Spring
What Will You Remember

Rania Matar : She

Best of March 2019
L'Oeil de La Photography

La madre di tutti i nostri amori

By Rita Balestriero
D Repubblica

Donne che vedono mostre con altre donne

By Simona Marani
Elle Italia

Middle Eastern Women Artists & the Quest to Build Peace

By Cynthia Close
Vermont Woman
Winter 2018

Rania Matar – In Her Image

L'Oeil de la Photographie

Review: Rania Matar’s photos open up new perspectives

By Anderson Turner
Akron Beacon Journal

Rania Matar on Photographing Women and Girls

By Carrie Wise

In Her Image

Cleveland Museum of Art Members Magazine
November/December 2018

From Woman to Woman – Rania Matar

Vogue Italia

Q&A: Rania Matar

By Rafael Soldi
Strange Fire Collective

Photographing the “Beautiful Awkwardness” of Girlhood

By Alexxa Gotthardt

Interview: Rania Matar

By Ashley Kauschinger
Light Leaked

Review of SHE at Galerie Tanit

By Rawan Ezzeddine
Al Akhbar

Quand elle devient elles

By Danny Mallat
L'Orient-Le Jour

Documenting changes of womanhood

By Maghie Ghali
The Daily Star

Interview: Rania Matar

By Lyle Rexer
Photograph Magazine
March/April 2018

Amon Carter Museum’s In Her Image: Photographs by Rania Matar shines

By Steve Carter
Patron Magazine

Picturing Women’s Lives, From Beirut To Boston, Girl To Mother

By Anne Bothwell

Inside the Private Spaces Women Can Call Their Own

By Elyssa Goodman

In Her Image: Photographs by Rania Matar

L'Oeil de la Photographie

Striking New Texas Art Exhibit Shows Teenage Girls as They Want to be Seen

By Natalie Gempel
Papercity Magazine

Auf dem Weg zur Frau

By Kristin Haug
Der Spiegel

Growing Up and Growing Old

By Sarah Stacke
PDN Photo of the Day

Rania Matar expose les relations mères-filles

Text by Frantz Vaillant
TV5 Monde

Rania Matar’s evocative portraits explore girlhood, and growing old

Text by Hannah Ongley

Mamma Mia – Unspoken Conversations

Text by Barbara Remmerbach
Barbara Magazine

Des illusions d’espoirs

Text by Thomas Denis Lavorel
Carnet d'Art

Growing up as a woman in the east and west

Text by Miss Rosen
Huck Magazine

Photos from Beirut and Boston: Womanhood Across Borders

Interview by Coralie Kraft

In Her Image

Amon Carter Magazine

Borders and Margins

Cover by Rania Matar, text by Banu Gökariksel
Journal of Middle East Women's Study

The Aftermath of War, Seen Through Photographers’ Eyes

By Geraldine Fabrikant
New York Times

We Need to Talk About Kids and Smartphones

By Markham Heid
Commission for TIME Magazine

The Beauty of Growing Up

By India Stoughton
Selections Arts Magazine

Á l’ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs

By Jean Paul Gavard Perret
Carnet d'Art

Femmes du Monde

By Caroline Six
ELLE Magazine

Biennale of Arab Photographers

Interview with Gabriel Bauret
L'Oeil de la Photographie

Les jeunes chrysalides de Rania Matar

By Romane Ricard
TAFMAG - The Art Factory Magazine

Les 10 expositions événement de la rentrée

CNEWS Matin, France

The C. Grimaldis Gallery Opens Its Doors to Socially Conscious Voices

Exhibition Review by Andy Clark

Invisible Children – Rania Matar

Photonews, Hamburg
July/August 2017 Issue

Unspoken Conversations

GUP Magazine

Action at a Distance at Angela Meleca Gallery

Exhibition Review by Liz Trapp
Columbus Underground

Rania Matar: Tracing a Universal Womanhood

By Jill Waterman
B&H Explora Photography Blog

Finding Commonality in the Female Experience

By Alexandra Genova

A Show of Lebanese Art Suffused with the Longing of Exile

Exhibition Review by Sarah Rose Sharp

Life of Strife

Exhibition Review by Peter Tonguette
The Columbus Dispatch

Age of the female gaze

Photo Critique by Rick Poynor
Eye Magazine

How Should Art Address Human Rights?

By Jacoba Urist
The Atlantic

The 7 Middle Eastern Photographers Baring All

By Clare Davies

Rania Matar, A Girl and Her Room – On growing up and growing old

By Sandra Williams
Tribe Magazine
Spring 2017 Issue

Beirut Photomed 2017: Rania Matar, Invisible Children

L'Oeil de la Photographie

Same Portrait – Opposite Sides of the World

By Alejandra Salazar
San Francisco Chronicle

YIELD Award Nomination

Nominated by Barbara Tannenbaum, Curator of Photography, Cleveland Museum of Art
Snite Museum of Art Purchase Award

Becoming Photographs by Rania Matar

By Ann Jastrab
All About

Rania Matar’s Girls at the Edge of Adulthood

PDN Photo of the Day

Story & Technique: L’Enfant-Femme

By Jim Cornfield
Rangefinder Magazine

Images of girls on the road to womanhood

By Joanne Ciccarello
Photo Books: Staff Picks, The Christian Science Monitor Weekly

Au lendemain de l’enfance

By Eve Beauvallet

Auf diesen fotografien werden mädchen zu frauen

By Lisa Leinen
i-D Germany

Deux Univers Exhibition Review

Review by Laure Ghorayeb
Annahar Newspaper

De mères en filles, pour devenir femmes…

Review by Olivier Gasnier Duparc
L'Orient-Le Jour

Mère-fille: complices, oui, copines, non!

By Marie Asco
Femme Majuscule
November-December Issue

Deux univers, filles et femmes

Review by Muriel Rozelier
Le Commerce du Levant

L’Enfant-Femme by Rania Matar

By Holly Stuart Hughes
November-December Issue


featured photograph
Real Simple

Invisible Children: Portraits of Young Refugees

The Daily Beast

Powerful Portraits of the "Invisible Children" Growing Up as Refugees

By Jessica Stewart
My Modern Met

Rania Matar: Invisible Children at C. Grimaldis Gallery

Review by Mark Alice Durant
Photograph Magazine

Rania Matar and The Mass Psychosis of Childhood

Review by Colin Pantall
Colin Pantall's Blog

Looking at the Invisible Children Growing Up as Refugees

By Elena Goukassian


GUP Magazine

Rania Matar – L’Enfant-Femme

By Douglas Stockdale
The PhotoBook

L’Enfant Dans L’Amour

By Suzanne Révy
What Will You Remember


L'Officiel du Levant

Voglio Una Figlia Che Sia Come Me


Zwanzig Minuten Bis Zum Ruhm

By Manfred Zollner

Rania Matar: Unspoken Conversations

Gallery Issue

Middle Eastern photographers capture small joys amid big conflicts

By Emma-Kate Symons
Women in the World, New York Times

5 striking photographs that challenge stereotypes of Arab women

By Elena Goukassian
Washington Post

Why Everyone Is Raving About This New Photography Exhibit

By Kriston Capps
Capitol File

A woman’s place in the Middle East? For some, it’s behind a camera.

By Philip Kennicott
Washington Post

Carte Rania Matar: L’Enfant Femme


Rania Matar, L’Enfant Femme by Damiani

L'Oeil de la Photographie

Rania Matar : passions suspendues

By Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret
Salon littéraire

Portraits of girls on the cusp of teendom

Book review and interview by Michael-Oliver Harding

Rania Matar Captures the Universal Awkwardness of Coming of Age

Book review and interview with Emily Manning
i-D magazine

Editor’s Note: She Who Tells a Story

By David Schloss
Digital PhotoPro
March/April Issue

A Look Inside The Rooms Of Teens In Two Very Different Worlds

Interview by Torey Van Oot

Growing Up Here and There

By Brandon Johnston
The Daily Star, Lebanon

Dubaï : Rania Matar, Becoming Girls, Women and Coming of Age

L'Oeil de la Photographie

Recent Acquisitions – L’Enfant-Femme

Tufts University Art Gallery Spring 2016 Newsletter

Capturing Moments of Transition

By Danna Lorch
The Interventions Issue #34, Selections Magazine


Issue Magazine

The Most Beautiful Things Slate Published in 2015

By Lisa Larson-Walker

The most inspiring and surprising images you’ll see this week

By Char Jansen
Viewfinder, The Daily Telegraph

Becoming: Girls, Women and Coming of Age

Exhibition Review by Robert Mickelson
The National, UAE


By Alexander Strecker

Little women: photographing tweens from Boston to Beirut

By Paula Cocozza
The Guardian

Rania Matar: Christilla

By Muriel Rozelier
Persoculture, Le Commerce du Levant

Carnegie Museum exhibit shows power of day-to-day living in Arab countries

By Kurt Shaw
The Tribune, Pittsburgh

Womanly Transitions: The Photography of Rania Matar

By Victoria Khroundina
SheRa Magazine

Feminine Mystique

Photographer Rania Matar: Telling Women’s Stories

Interview for Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship Awards 40th Anniversary

Art notes: Women photographers depict the Middle East

By Mary Thomas
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Constructing Identities: Stories We Thought We Knew

By Kristen Gresh
Carnegie Museum of Art Blog

Why can’t great artists be mothers?

By Jacoba Urist
Women In The World, New York Times

Invisible Children by Rania Matar

Anchor Magazine
Issue #3, Spring-Summer 2015

Girl Power

Text by Manuela Mimosa Ravasio
Gioia Magazine

Beautifully Awkward

Essay by Heather Sullivan
Nobles Magazine
Winter/Spring 2015